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      Produce Great Food

      Each Proluxe machine has been engineered to help improve the efficiency of your kitchen and the experiences for your customers. Discover how Proluxe technology can help your business.

      Restaurant and Hospitality

      Master the 24-hour Dining Cycle

      From daily tasks like prepping the buffet or charging through the dinner rush, your kitchen can keep up.

      Without the proper equipment and employee turnover, consistency becomes an ongoing issue. We believe consistency is an essential part of any successful kitchen so we design machines from the ground up.

      Fine Dining to Quick Service

      Keep up during peak hours and take control of your kitchen.

      We’ll keep you competitive by allowing you to create a unique product, keep up with demand and lower your biggest expense, skilled labor.

      Business and Education

      Nourish Company Culture

      Reflect the culture of your organization by providing the flexibility to create fresh, and inspiring menus.

      Increase productivity, inspire collaboration and fight the 3pm crash with delicious fresh food. Our diverse equipment allows kitchens to create everything from breakfast to dinner and everything in between.

      Keep Students on Campus

      Fresh menus for every on campus meal from breakfast to late night snacks.

      Inspired by food trends our equipment is engineered for flexibility so kitchens can easily create a diverse menu to satisfy and power every student.

      Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

      Fresh and Convenient

      Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options made fresh throughout the day with easy to use automated machines.

      Our innovative machines give you the flexibility to expand your menu from heat lamp hot dogs to fresh made pizza and paninis.

      Rival Restaurant Quality Experiences

      Stay competitive by creating a unique product, easily keep up with demand.

      Each component inside our equipment has been meticulously designed to be a powerful yet space-saving. Our machines require minimal training, don’t take sick days, and outperform skilled labor 365 days a year.