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      The Best Gifts for the Pizza Lover

      The best pizza Christmas gifts for pizza lovers, pizza chefs, and anyone else that's pizza-obsessed. Add some of these holiday gifts to your list this season.

      Digital Kitchen Scale - $17

      The key to making great pizza is the dough. A digital scale helps ensure precision when measuring dry and wet ingredients.

      Wooden Peel - $25

      A wooden pizza peel is a necessary tool for most people who make pizza at home. The wood absorbs more moisture making the dough easier to slide off the peel when ready for cooking. It also doubles as a cutting board when cutting and serving up slices.

      Pizza Stone - $30-$60

      Farewell to floppy, soggy pizza crusts. A pizza stone can withstand high temps and can be used in the oven or the grill. Browns the bottom of your pizza with ease for crispy artisan-quality pizzas.

      Pizza Cookbook - $20

      Find everything you need to create delicious pizza dinners for family and friends. Serve ridiculously flavorful pizzas along with unexpected topping combinations.

      Pizza Spice Blend/Kit - $15

      Add some unexpected spices to your pizza sauce or use as a finishing seasoning to top each pizza.

      Bench Scraper - $10

      Easily manipulate and cut dough. Use it to separate large quantities of pizza dough into smaller more manageable amounts or use it to transfer chopped ingredients to a skillet.

      Pizza Wheel - $14

      An essential tool every pizza lover should have.