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      Last Minute Gifts For the Chef or Anyone Who Loves to Cook

      They know their way around a kitchen better than anyone else. The best way to show that you recognize — and more than anything, appreciate — their passion for cooking is with these incredible kitchen gifts.

      Thermopop Instant Read Digital Thermometer - $35

      Every cook should have a reliable thermometer for food safety and better results. Instant read thermometers can display when dishes have reached safe internal temperatures and optimal doneness, without being cut open and losing juices.

      Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle) - $35

      A large mortar and pestle made from volcanic stone used to prepare Mexican food, particularly salsas. Use it to crush spices, make creamy guacamole, and more.

      Kitchen Scissors - $20

      Every kitchen needs a good pair of shears. It really means shears for just about everything. Open packaging with them (whether it’s vacuum-sealed lentils, cutting through one of those pesky bombproof plastic shells, or the latest delivery from Amazon), break down boxes or cut parchment paper.

      Cast Iron Skillet - $25-$50

      The cast-iron skillet is the powerhouse of all kitchen equipment. Compared to aluminum or stainless steel, cast iron provides a nonstick surface that’s free of synthetic chemicals. It offers superior heat retention that makes it ideal for high-temperature cooking such as searing steak and caramelizing vegetables.

      Dutch Oven - $50-$100+

      A Dutch oven is a heavy cooking pot that is good for braising and can be used either on the stovetop or in the oven. They’re excellent for making soups and stews.

      Microplane - $15

      A Microplane zester is a multi-purpose tool and it is recommended for grating garlic, ginger, citrus, fresh nutmeg, and parmesan cheese. Zest from citrus fruits adds more depth in flavor versus their juices alone.

      Immersion Blender - $60-$100

      Thoroughly pureed fibrous soups, frosty thick smoothies are fast and fuss-free. You puree or blend right in the pot or bowl, eliminating any messy transfer or extra dishes to clean.

      Pizza Stone - $25-$40

      A pizza stone can withstand high temps and can be used in the oven or the grill. Browns the bottom of your pizza with ease for crispy artisan-quality pizzas.

      Silicone Basting Brush - $20

      Silicone basting brush readily holds sauces, glazes, and marinades to deliver smooth, even coverage on foods. Their high heat and dishwasher safe, plus the silicone won’t absorb aromas from past uses.

      Mandoline - $20

      A kitchen tool no one should be without. The key benefit of a mandoline is that it allows you to create incredibly thin and consistent slices. The main benefits of using a mandoline are speed and uniformity in slicing. Cut your prep time to a minimum when making gratins, slaws, and french fries.