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      Food Trends: Pizza Toppings on the Rise

      Pizza is easy to love and customize, that’s why it’s pretty much for everyone. Here are some new toppings or combinations to look out for or even introduce into your pizzeria.


      Pickles work on pizza because the flavors are complimentary. Plenty of people top their pizzas with salty and briny things, like olives, banana peppers, and pepperoncinis, and pickles definitely fit that mold.


      Sweet and spicy is probably one of the greatest combinations of all time. Honey, agave, and natural raw honey are all on the rise. They can go on pizzas at the highest end pizzeria to the home-style slice just as easily. I think the popularity of Mike’s Hot Honey put this flavor profile on everyone’s radar.


      Is corn the new pineapple? Does it even belong on pizza? Serve it with chorizo and cilantro, and maybe a drizzle of tomatillo salsa. It changes up the flavors with a familiar style of toppings. It even plays well with fresh tomatoes and basil, making it a less risky option.

      Gourmet Meats

      Salami and ham are perfectly fine standard meats but they don’t really excite, they are just that, standard. The goal is to wow the customer. Panchetta or soppressata are different versions of cured meats that give your pizza a flair along with a sense of tradition that basic deli cuts won’t do.